E learning India

courtesy: google images

With the next big revolution across industries with digitalisation, education sector is one of the many that will benefit from it. India’s online education market is set to grow to USD 1.96 Billion and around 9.6 Million users by 2021 according to a survey by KPMG. Institutions, teachers, educators and students across the globe have been turning to digital learning platforms and seeking support from different websites, for different purposes. It has seeped into the daily lives of the common man to an extent where kids are learning through digital means starting from their primary education days. The effort to not make studies a burden and making it more of a learning experience has been the soft target to promote digital learning platforms across the education sector. Which is the reason that companies like BYJU’S, UNACADEMY, SIMPLILEARN are scaling their way up amongst the masses in a country like INDIA where education is of prime importance and can not be compromised on.

Apart from educating these platforms have helped make online assessment and feedback an easy and hands on task for students and tutors alike. This is where platforms like Megaexams are instrumental. With over 35,000 questions curated by experts for major exams in India like JEE, NEET, UPSC, IBPS and many more this online platform serves teachers and students equally. Features like assigning exams to multiple batches at the same time, tracking ongoing exams at one place giving detailed analysis and insights for individual students according to their weak areas are easier done here than manually. Saving a student’s time giving them the freedom to practice their tests in their own comfort and flexibility is a big advantage. With instant results and complete analysis that benchmarks you against the toppers of your batch and across the country the student knows it’s pain points and can prepare accordingly.

In conclusion, migration from the classic classroom reading and examination to digital learning platforms and online assessments leave room for students and teachers alike to concentrate on more strategic preparation. Digital learning has seen a tremendous growth in education industry and will continue to do so and is bound to change the face of how India learns.

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