“FEMINISM” is it really needed ?

Feminism, the whole world is quick to jump on this bandwagon. India is one of the many countries which loves to do so. If you search the meaning of this term on the internet this will pop in front of you: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes,but what happens when women of your nation do not understand their basic rights ?

On the global front most western countries fiercely promote the prowess of the female mind and body with pop stars making songs and models posting on the gram, but has the world really figured out why we need it ? Why is there a need to tell this generation the so called millennial mind that as humans both men and women deserve the equal amount of opportunities and freedom. It is not about women hating on men or men hating on women but about sharing the beauty of co existing with one another. We march on the roads with sign boards of equality in our hands but really where does it exist?India, with it’s diverse culture and a population of over 1.2 billion where most women  do not even have the freedom of wearing what they like, speaking out their minds or choosing their own life. Where attaining basic education is a battle to fight, are we really capable of talking about this most celebrated concept worldwide ?

But there is hope, there is hope in education. Educating the young kids where their power lies. When we educate the youth about equality and co exsiting that is when this most celebrated concept will be a reality in this country. When both genders understand humanity and respect for one another that will be the wake of true feminism.

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